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About Us

Matt Garman

Our CEO and Founder

Matt Garman is the CEO and Founder of Sales Plus Profit.  Matt has over 25 years’ experience in sales and running his own businesses.  Observing hundreds of owner-managed businesses has made him aware that regardless of industry sector, businesses often fail to reach their potential for the same reasons: arrested growth and stalling sales.  To combat this, he has developed a comprehensive methodology which underpins his Sustainable Sales System©. His book, Learning the Ropes, outlines how to implement a Sustainable Sales System© in any business.  Business Leaders are now empowered to address their own challenges using the clear and logical advice in the book but experience has taught him that external guidance provides an objective view and accelerates the journey to success.  In addition to running a growing and successful operation, Matt is in demand as a speaker and workshop facilitator for industry groups.  As Sales Plus Profit continues to expand, Matt will begin to specialise in high level mentoring and coaching of clients who need help to recalibrate their own role, rather than undertake an overhaul of their sales function.

Our Vision

  • To deliver a Sustainable Sales System© to every business, from Scale Up to Exit and everything in between.

Our Mission

  • To provide our clients with the knowledge, skill and help they need, when they need it.
  • To maximise a business’ potential while minimising risk by embedding a Sustainable Sales System© suited to their specific requirements.
  • Develop a flexible working relationship with our clients to deliver significant results which meet their business objectives.

Our Team

Our Associates and Partners are trained and experienced in delivering a tailored Sustainable Sales System© to meet the needs of any client, in any industry. All our people are specialist sales leaders who work flexibly with their clients to achieve outstanding results.

Our Community

Sales Plus Profit runs as a supportive, collaborative community of experienced sales leaders and practitioners.

Our Associates and Partners have a wide range of experience in business, some with a speciality that is recognised in their field.  Our culture of collaboration, contribution and communication ensures that hiring a Sales Plus Profit Associate or Partner connects you to our network of expertise, insight and collaborative learning. While you will work with the specific sales leader you need, our extended Sales Plus Profit network and family is always available to you.

Our Clients

We like to work with leaders who are passionate about their company and motivated by ambitious operational and sales goals.  Our focus is to add significant value from Review through to Implementation, from achieving this quarters sales targets to exit or trade sale, or simply embedding a Sustainable Sales System© for maximising profit and potential and minimising risk.

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