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Our gift to you – 6 unique guides to help you maximise your sales and profit

At Sales Plus Profit we are passionate about maximising the sales, growth and profit of our clients, but we understand that not all businesses are in a position to invest in external help to identify areas that are holding their sales efforts back.

The series has been designed and written with this in mind.  Each guide focusses on a common area that can easily be overlooked in the high-pressure environment of a business striving to meet its objectives and sales targets.

We will be releasing the series over the next six weeks and encourage every business to take the time to digest the content and think about how to apply it to their own unique environment.

There is no obligation, the guides are a gift from us to you.  We know that collaboration and sharing knowledge makes a healthier marketplace for us all, now and into a healthy future.

This week’s guide is: Hiring and Onboarding a New Salesperson

Coming up in the series:

  • When To Sack The Salesperson
  • The Competitive Landscape
  • The Value of Effective Sales Qualification
  • Designing a Sales Process for your Business
  • Stepping Away From Director Led Sales
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