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Engagement Background

AccountagilityAccountagility was a company rich in Intellectual Property that wasn’t realising its potential when Matt Garman and David West first met with CEO Robert Gothan.

Robert had been working on ORYX, the company’s core software offering before founding Accountagility. He had been winning clients using his own style and resourcefulness, rather than through a traditional sales model but couldn’t identify how to move to the next level.

The company’s vision was unclear. Was it a niche consultancy leveraging its founder’s unique knowledge, a software platform competing with established Business Process giants like Page Systems or a software company?

Robert had tried several sales approaches but none had produced the results he knew he could achieve. Sales people had come and gone and there was a pressing need for a sales strategy that could yield new client acquisitions and growth.

The Review

David realised quickly that there was no clear company view about what market Accountagility wanted to sell into, the business strategy was not well defined and there was no sales strategy.

David presented three options for the business, each one based on a strength of the company. Robert liked Option C, where the company took the strengths of ORYX and turned it into a suite of inter-locking productised solutions.

David explained to Robert how Accountagility would target the needs of CFOs, starting with the Financial Services sector and outlined his 90-day sales plan, with key milestones and deliverables all co-ordinated and defined.

Robert supported the plan and with a final handshake, the assignment was agreed.


Robert engaged David to implement the new set of integrated strategies, bringing in professional marketing, creating a new sales process and setting in motion a lead generation campaign. David was also able to bring experience and advice to support the vital task of productisation. In the beginning, David handled all the sales opportunities personally.


Accountagility has found its true identity with a unique positioning as the leader in a new breed of process-based automation solutions for the world-class finance function.

The company has expanded its portfolio, and deepened its relationships with its largest clients. It has won new clients including the professional accounting body ACCA and regularly communicates to approximately 10,000 senior finance professionals. Accountagility continues to win new clients, recently signing the largest commercial contract in its history, a testament to an efficient and proven sales process.

Leveraging the Sales Plus Profit Approach

The application of the Sales Plus Profit Review and Plan, using the methodology and knowledge, allowed David to identify and analyse the sales problems being experienced and offer effective solutions for increased growth.

David was able to utilise the tried and tested knowledge-based deliverables across market research, lead generation, website development, marketing development, as well as several key elements of the creation of a robust and repeatable sales process.


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