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UniglovesUnigloves is leading manufacturer of medical grade gloves, based in Malaysia but with a unique organisational set-up which delivers local access to its products, expertise, resources and its people. The business has a presence in most continents across the globe and has current revenues of over $100m. In the UK, the business has demonstrated its ability to grow, and with a planned global increase in manufacturing capacity, the business wants to exploit this great opportunity.


The glove sector is a highly competitive one with many considering it an almost commoditised marketplace. With an increased production capacity coming on stream, the UK management team of Managing Director, Kevin Onah and Operations Director, Chris Wahlers identified a need to radically improve the effectiveness of their sales function.

In order to capitalise on this investment and optimise their sales performance both in revenue and profitability, Unigloves engaged Sales Plus Profit to conduct an initial review of sales effectiveness.

Our subsequent report highlighted a number of areas that could be developed

  • Clearer definition of Unigloves target customers and sectors
  • Sales methodology to reinforce the company’s competitive advantages
  • Effective management processes to support growth of strategic accounts and prospects
  • The need for a reputable sales structure that supported new and existing customers.
  • Introduction of KPI’s that would manage sales output
  • Performance management of the incumbent sales team, including recruitment and training.


Once the review had been completed, both Kevin and Chris agreed that the assignment of a Part-Time Sales Leader would be in order to help facilitate the recommendations and change. Sales Plus Profit were able to provide an experienced Sales Leader and a complete redevelopment of the sales functions was undertaken.

It was agreed that specific objectives were set to not only gauge the effectiveness of the engagement but to provide Kevin and Chris with he flexibility and financial control they required.


The key outcomes delivered by this partnership have been as follows:

  • Sales of core pallet business are currently up by 10% on the previous year
  • The business is budgeting to grow by 40% in current financial year
  • Over £2 of additional growth s forecast from major customers for next year
  • Major new clients have been won, including a £300k account from a competitor
  • Some of the previously small accounts have also grown, with one increasing their spend with Unigloves by a further £300k
  • Structured sell with a focus on competitive advantages and protecting margins
  • Under performing sales heads have been exited
  • Recruiting of higher grade sales team now in place
  • Restructure of both inside and field sales process completed
  • Improvement to systems and CRM have been made, with Sales Plus Profit assisting with the software selection and implementation phases
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