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The Brief and Challenge

Fushi Wellbeing was almost exclusively reliant upon sales from their B2C online platform. They had no B2B function or focus. They wanted to increase the speed at which they were growing, and in particular wanted this growth to come from B2B retail, wholesale and international distribution channels. There was no agreed company vision, strategy or sales plans, no company budgeting, and no product development strategy. The business had grown to date very organically, and responded largely to what their direct consumers requested.

Key Achievements

  • Curated product offering ahead of retail launch
  • Identified positioning gap and advised on the rebrand and retail packaging
  • Built retail sales team
  • Trained and put in place support for on the road sales reps
  • Implemented joint marketing plans with key retailers and wholesalers
  • Structured the on-the-road demo and training plans
  • Developed in store sales and marketing strategy
  • Advised on the creative direction of sales and marketing collateral
  • Helped to establish Fushi as the UK’s number 1 organic ghee brand
  • Built the B2B sales function from scratch, increasing B2B sales by 67% from the previous year
  • Instigated monthly board meetings and defined MI deck
  • Setup CRM
  • Implemented daily, weekly and monthly sales and product reporting
  • Implemented annual budgeting process
  • Defined sales commission structure

The Work

Setup budgeting function, agreed company vision, and defined the product offering. Identified the channels we should be selling in. Opened all the key accounts. Built sales team and handed over accounts, and setup new biz plans. Developed marketing (joint business plans) with retailers and wholesalers. Guided development of sales and marketing collateral, training plans (in store), demo plans (in store), training the field based sales team. Drew up international distribution agreements, sales target agreements, and pricing plans.

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