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Truth Is Your Top Sales Asset

Truth Is Your Top Sales Asset

Truth is the sales person’s best asset.  Your sales people can only be successful when they are 100% truthful in their dealings with customers.  Their individual reputation and the reputation of your company will never be regained once lost.

We are living in a changed world surrounded by fake news and communicators at the highest level failing to tell us the actual truth. It is harder and harder to believe what we hear. Many of us are buying online, making the decision to spend hundreds of pounds on what smart marketers are presenting to us. Cutting out the sales person is perceived to be a safer and more efficient way to get to the truth of what we’re buying, but is it?

Winston Churchill said: However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.  Cutting out the sales person may be quicker, but you’re removing the expert in your buying journey, the person who can discern what you need, what you can afford and be your point of contact into the future if you need it.  We’ve all experienced the disaster of the product not turning out to be quite what was described online and chalked it up to experience.

The relationship between the sales person and the customer is one of trust, communication and ultimate success. If your sales team has a good culture which includes regular sales meetings, comprehensive training and an emphasis on proper sales qualification you can be assured that your customers will feel valued and know that your sales people are acting in their best interests and telling them the truth.

To understand how well your value proposition is known and perceived by your sales team check the following:

  • Do they know what the value proposition is and can they articulate it in an ‘elevator pitch’?
  • Has everyone involved in your selling process been trained in the value proposition?
  • Spot check by attending prospect meetings regularly with your sales people and see if they are actually incorporating the value proposition as a core part of their sales pitch
  • Speak to or survey your customers to find out if they understand your value proposition
  • Ask your customers why they buy from you, don’t just guess
  • Analyse your marketing materials and make sure they reflect your value proposition
  • Is there objective validation or are there just vague assertions about great quality, service or pricing?

Part of your commitment to truth is the measurement of the factors you claim as your value proposition, without it your sales pitch is subjective, unsupported by hard evidence and could be perceived as untrue by your customers. Truth is your best asset, so maximise it with facts and figures don’t just tell them, show them.

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